I know I’ve been remiss in puppy updates but this is a crazy time of year and, well, cuddling puppies sometimes takes priority over blog updates.

The babies are now 3 weeks old.  This means that their eyes are open and they are responding to sounds.  We have moved their pen from the spare bedroom into the kitchen so they can start experiencing the noise and stimulation of the house.

The puppies are starting to interact with toys and other things in their environment.  It took them less than an hour to decide that the soft round bed was a good place to sleep and not much longer to decide that it was not the place to do their business.  This was the perfect time to provide them with a potty box, which they are starting to use.

We leave in the morning for the Agility Invitational in Florida with Chili, Salsa, and Juno.  It will be hard to leave the babies, but their Auntie Annie has promised to give them at least a million kisses a day while we are gone.

IMG_3511 IMG_3513 IMG_3518 IMG_3557