Salsa is running really well in agility. My goal for this fall is to finish her MACH. She needs one more QQ and a little over 200 points. That’s a lot of points, but she’s gotten faster and more consistent. Salsa’s agility career has been broken up by three maternity leaves (but only one actual litter), so I feel like she is finally getting a chance to reach her potential. I’d love to get her qualified for the agility nationals, but I think the 500 point requirement is going to be out of reach for us. I’m trying to get Salsa more comfortable reading rear crosses on course. She’s a very visual dog and tends to run better when she can see where I’m going, but as she is getting faster is hard for me to always be ahead of her.

Juno is on a break from agility right now. Her lack of focus inability to think when aroused was putting us in constant conflict so we are taking the rest of the season off. I’m working on a retrieve with her so we can do open obedience, which may be more her speed. Juno reminded me last week how much she likes doing pet therapy visits, so I’ll bring her on our monthly trips to Berks Heim. The sport Juno is best at is tracking, but my work schedule makes doing TDX or VST tracks really hard, since they have to age 3-5 hours. Maybe at some point we’ll get the chance to try nose work.

In my next post I’ll talk about the 3 baby dogs.