September 5, 2006- November 8, 2022


16 years ago, a pretty 4 week old puppy caught my eye in Betty’s kitchen. A few weeks later, Maya came to live with us and has made a big (and sometime loud) impact on our lives ever since. 

Maya finished easily and was the first PBGV with hunt titles to earn her Grand Championship. She had some nice wins in the show ring and was always owner handled without extreme grooming.

Maya only ever had 2 puppies, despite a lot of effort on our part, but her grandkids and great-grandkids have had a big impact in our pack and in many others. In the past few years when I’ve found myself questioning whether staying involved with PBGVs was a good idea, it was Maya’s grandkids who made the decision clear for me. 

When I left the service dog world in 2016 and founded The Clever Hound, Maya was my first demo dog because she was always the reliable partner that I could take anywhere and trust with anyone (just not food, you definitely could not trust her with food😊). When I was struggling with leaving the “save the world” non-profit job to start a business, Maya helped me find the world of therapy dogs and a new way to give back and share PBGVs with the world. Maya’s daughter Muse has stepped into this role now and it’s a job she loves. 

Maya did agility, obedience, and tracking because I asked her to.  Hunting was her true love. She was my first scent work dog and really enjoyed this as her retirement sport. Maya and I had the chance to compete at the first AKC Scent Work Trials in 2017, where she was the first PBGV to title. 

Sometimes taking home the pretty puppy that catches your eye is exactly the right thing to do. Thanks Betty and George for letting us have our wonderful girl.