Muse is two and is starting to grow up.  She’s pretty athletic, but not quite as focused as some of the other dogs.  Her heeling is rough but improving and her stays are becoming reliable.  Muse tends to like to work a little farther away than is ideal for the obedience ring, so getting her close to me on fronts and finishes is a challenge.  I hope to do Beginner Novice obedience with Muse in the next few months and will take beginner agility class with her in 2015.


Muse’s son Gromit is 5 months old now.  He’s been through Star puppy class at the local dog training club.  This class was good socialization for him and a chance to work on things in the presence of distractions, but I’m also taking an online class for performance puppies with him to give him more challenges.  Gromit is pretty confident and smart.  He’s quick to offer behaviors and gets distracted but can usually work through things.  He has great food drive (he is Maya’s grandson after all) and a little toy drive, which I’m hoping will improve when he finishes teething.  Gromit is attending handling class this month and will make his show debut in a few weeks.

IMG_1997 IMG_1897