Muse’s Fall Training Plan

November 5, 2013

Written by:  Megan Esherick CPDT-KA

Muse is the baby of the pack. Right now she’s mostly doing conformation while we seek out that elusive second major, but she is starting to settle down and focus for other training. Being still and maintaining a stack in the show ring isn’t her favorite, so we are using the stacking blocks often. Muse has a lot more energy and drive than her mother Maya, so I think she will be a fun performance dog once she grows up a little.

Muse has a great nose and does well on the hunt field. She is a little quicker to give voice on scent then some of my other girls, so she fits nicely into the pack. She’ll be working towards her Parent Club Senior Hunter title this fall. Tracking seems to be pretty easy for her also, but getting out to track during daylight hours has been challenging for me lately.

Muse is fearless and has good body awareness, so I don’t think teaching her the agility obstacles will be hard. Right now she tends to wander off and get zombies off leash though, so we’ll focus on obedience and rally first.


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