Hi, it’s Juno the GBGV here.  I was afraid Mom would be so happy to see the puppies tomorrow that she would forget to post about the Agility Invitational, so I hacked into her computer to write this post myself.  Turns out hacking isn’t too hard- it’s like climbing gates and opening drawers to steal food.  I’m a little hurt though that Mom didn’t use my name as her password.

Mom, Dad, Chili, Salsa, and me traveled to Florida last week.  The trip was long, but I had an antler to chew so that helped.  On Thursday afternoon I thought we were there, but it was just a stop at a museum in a town called Mount Dora.  The museum had a lot of furniture in it that they said was made by Great- Grandpa Wharton Esherick.  I though Great Grandpa wouldn’t mind if I took a nap on his couch, but I wasn’t allowed.  After the museum, Mom and Dad ate at an outdoor restaurant, but they didn’t share with us at all.  At the end of the meal a cat crossed the street behind us, so Salsa and I were going to go catch it to have our own snack, but the pesky leashes got in the way.  Mount Dora wasn’t all bad though- they had a dog bakery that made really good bacon biscuits.


Next we checked into our hotel in Orlando.  This was my favorite kind of room- it had 2 beds.  The petits always sleep with Mom and Dad, so all four of them were crammed in one bed while I stretched out in the other.  I had a good time making a nest with the pillows.


Salsa and I had a little trouble in the weave poles, since this trial is in a really crazy place, but we both had some clean runs and lots of cookies (also steak, which was a nice bonus). Chili is kind of a show off- she was perfect on Time 2 Beat and all 4 Rounds of the Invitational.  I think she knows how to read the number cones on the course- how else could she be so good?  Maybe I should get her to teach me how.

On Sunday afternoon we took lots of pictures.  Here’s me with my breed medallion, sponsored by the GBGV Club of America.


Now we are traveling home.  This is kind of boring, but Mom and Dad got us some tasty chicken filed bones for the ride.