This was Elf’s Puppy Class Homework, but she thought she would share it with her friends.

Tuesday January 30:

6 am: Every morning, we have to sit or down and stay while Mom makes us breakfast. She says it’s so we don’t bark. I don’t have to stay in a certain position yet, but I have to stay on a dog bed the whole time. It’s hard, but I get a lot of cookies and when we’re done I get breakfast, which is one of my favorite meals.

8 am: I went to Gromit and Spice’s agility class to watch. Agility looks like fun, but mom says I have to grow up first. In the meantime I get cookies for being quiet in a crate while the other dogs run. If I bark, my crate gets covered so I don’t bark at the other dogs anymore.

Noon: Mom was working with a client at Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg. They are dog friendly, so I walked around the store too. I climbed into a boat and onto an ATV and sat in a bear’s lap.

8 pm: I started Star puppy class at the Dog Training Club. The building is really big and noisy- much noisier than the classes that Mom teaches. There are lots of dogs, but I’m there to play with Mom and get cookies. I practiced sit, down, stand, and come and ate lots of cookies. Did I mention that I like cookies?

Wednesday, January 31:

9 am: I went tracking at the Fairgrounds. Tracking is fun- I use my nose to follow a trail of cookies that Mom drops and at the end there’s a glove to play with. Mom was tricky this time though- she didn’t leave me as many cookies on the track so I had to sniff out her footprints instead. After about 70 steps, she must have turned. I almost lost the track but I figured it out and found my glove.

Noon: I practiced putting my back feet on a target for lunch. Mom makes we work for lunch everyday, but that’s ok because the big kids don’t even get lunch.

6 pm: Mom had students tonight so I had my dinner frozen into a slow feed bowl and then got a nice marrow bone to chew on.

Thursday, February 1:

Noon: I went to Home Depot and practiced my sit stay. Mom and I had a nice game of tug when she told me “all done”.

1 pm: I got to watch Silk’s herding lesson. She was playing with some noisy animals called sheep. I think she was bossing them around (Silk is very bossy) because they kept moving around the pen and through gates. I met some nice people and a pig named Scrapple.

2 pm: My lunch was very late today! Good thing I had some cookies to tide me over. We worked on my fold back down for lunch.

4 pm: I had a bath. I don’t see the point of this. I mean, water is fine, but soap? Yuck!

7 pm: I went to the training place again for the end of novice class. I’m too much of a distraction to join class, so we played Recallers Games on the side.

Friday, February 2:

Noon: We did some cookie stretches and Mom started teaching me left and right for lunch. This wasn’t a good time to work on this because I really wanted my food.

7 pm: I went to Clever Puppy class. Mom is teaching, but uses me to demonstrate things and Dad works with me. Don’t tell Silk that Dad gives me some of her cookies.

Saturday, February 3:

All Day: I went to a dog show called Canine Learning Experience. Gromit and Silk got some ribbons in rally, but I think I was the star of the car. I met lots of people, saw lots of dogs, and practiced some of my skills.

Sunday February 4:

We stayed home because Mom says that drunk football fans don’t drive well in the snow. I had a few training sessions throughout the day.

Monday, February 5:

2:30 pm: I went to Scent Work class. I found odor in lots of boxes and some that wasn’t in a box- that was pretty sneaky putting it someplace else. I practiced some other stuff in between classes.