This week has been horribly hot, but overall an big improvement over last week.  On Wednesday, two new Wyandotte hens joined our coop, so we are back to a flock of four after last week’s fox invasion.  There is still some tension between the older hens and the new one, but they are starting to integrate and we have already gotten eggs from Lucy and Ricki, the two new girls.  Ethel, the Buff Orphington had a minor injury when the coop was attacked last week, but she is healing and getting back to normal.

July 17 2013 004

Yesterday we went to a dog show in Centre Hall, PA.  C.C. and Wally were entered in rally since they had gotten 2 legs each at the PBGV national and this was the first indoor trial I had been to since.  Wally and Muse were also entered in breed.  As usual, PBGVs and rally were on at the same time.  We got there early and groomed the two breed dogs and then set up by the rally ring.  C.C. was in Advanced A.  I showed her and then had to head right to the breed ring.  The PBGV entry was small, but the dogs showed well and Wally was Best of Breed.  I headed back to rally and just got to do the last couple minutes of the Novice B walk through.  After the walk, I learned that C.C. had placed first in her class and finished her Rally Advanced title.July 20 2013 007

Poor Wally is a really mellow guy and he wasn’t sure that all this activity on a hot day was a good idea.  I almost scratched from rally since he wouldn’t even sit outside the ring, but he did ok once we got in there.  The course had 3 call front signs and on the last one he sat at front and made it clear he wasn’t moving.  I took the 10 point penalty for no finish, but he still managed to qualify and place 4th.  He may have gotten a few cute points, in fact the judge specifically announced, “Fourth place goes to the really cute PBGV”.  I suppose you have to use what works for you:)  Finishing his rally title qualified Wally for his PBGVCA versatility award, since he is now titled in breed, rally, and hunting.  Not bad since he isn’t even 2 yet.

July 20 2013 014