In recent years, online dog training classes have grown in popularity.  Initially, this seemed like a strange concept to me until I gave online classes a try.  Here’s what I found:

  1.  Working online gives you access to world class instructors at a fraction of the cost of a seminar and without geographic barriers.  Not only is taking an online class more affordable than a seminar, but you have the ability to work through class concepts in a more relaxed manner- you don’t have to learn the concepts and train your dog under the time pressure of a weekend to feel like you got your money’s worth.  Online classes also give access to advanced or obscure topics that might interest a dog training nerd but be hard to fill group classes on locally.
  2. The change to train on your own schedule.  Until recently I worked crazy long hours and spent 2+ hours commuting every day.  Trying to fit a weekly in-person class into the calendar was hard and the thought of having to drive somewhere, anywhere, when I finally got home at night was depressing.  Online class assignments can be done when and where you are.
  3. Teaching new concepts is always easier in the quiet of home that in a group training class- especially for distractible scent hounds.  It’s critical to take new behaviors on the road, but much better to teach them in a “safe” place first.
  4. The ability to work multiple dogs through a class.  If the class includes instructor feedback, you might have to chose one dog as the main student in the class, but you can easily work all of your dogs through the same lesson.

If you are ready to try out an online class, here’s an easy one for you.  Beginning May 1, The Clever Hound Novice Sparks Team online dog trick class will be starting a new session.  This is a free, Facebook based class, designed to help you earn your Novice Trick Dog title through Do More With Your Dog.  AKC will also be recognizing this title beginning in May.  No previous training is needed and the technology requirements are pretty simple- if you’re reading this blog you can manage it:). If you would like to join us, please send a join request to the group or email me at  If you would prefer an in-person learning experience, The Clever Hound LLC also has a variety of group classes beginning in May.  Happy training!

The fabulous Chili-dog is my teaching assistant for the online tricks class.