So apparently this is a thing- do something outdoors instead of shopping on Black Friday.  Not a bad idea and I have the perfect suggestion- the Mid New Jersey PBGV Association hunt test in Flemington, NJ.  Friday, November 25 is the warm up day for the weekend’s hunt test. The field will be available for training and practice time in the afternoon and we are happy to group dogs and people new to hunting with experienced packs.  Entries open this week and the premium list can be found here.

Are you thinking, good idea but………

“If I let my PBGV hunt, he will want to hunt all the time.”  Well, yeah, the thing is that he’s a PBGV- he already wants to hunt all of the time.  If this is a problem for you, there are plenty of other breeds who weren’t selectively bred for the ability and desire to hunt.

“I’ll ruin my agility (or obedience, or nose work, or tracking) dog.”  If you look at the list of PBGVs with the highest level hunting titles (Parent Club Master Hunter Excellent and Rabbit Hunter Excellent), you will see that almost all of them have titles in companion events also.  Our dogs are smarter than we give them credit for and they know the difference in context between different events.  If you don’t believe me, ask MACH5 Chili RHX and MACH2 Salsa RHX.

“We have shows coming up and I can’t risk his coat.”  According to the PBGV breed standard “The most distinguishing characteristics of this bold hunter are:  his rough, unrefined outlines; his proudly carried head displaying definitive long eyebrows, beard, and mustache; his strong, tapered tail carried like a saber, alert and in readiness.”  In other words, if your dog’s coat isn’t rough and unrefined, as it may be after a weekend in the hunt field- he isn’t in correct condition and shouldn’t be winning in the show ring anyway.  If he has been stripped to the point of not having enough coat to protect him in the field, well, I’ve probably said enough about this in the past. 

“We might get dirty/ ticks.”  Yes, you will- wear suitable clothing and waterproof shoes and use something for ticks.  Oh, and don’t groom your PBGV before the weekend like you would for other events- wait until afterwards.  Dirt washes off and ticks can be removed.

I hope you will Opt Outdoors with us on Black Friday!