July 10, 2008- October 12, 2022

Yesterday it became clear that it was time to let Juno go, so our vet helped us to say goodbye this morning. Juno was bred by Gary and Barbara Oxholm, Debbie Perrott, and Shirley Knipe.   It still feels hard to think about the fact that Barbara, Debbie, and Shirley are all gone now too.

Juno came to live with us a a puppy because AKC had just changed the rules to allow FSS breeds to compete in companion events. Barbara hoped that getting a Grand into the obedience and agility ring would help bring attention to the breed.  I’m not sure we exactly inspired performance people to want a GBGV, but Juno was the first of her breed to earn most of her titles, the first to compete at Westminster, and the first to have AKC championship points. Five years after her retirement from agility, Juno is still the only Grand to earn PACH points and represent GBGVs at the AKC Agility Invitational.  In the last few years, it’s been nice to finally see some other Grands in the dog sport world. 

When GBGVs were accepted into the hound group, Juno and I got to visit the AKC office in NYC for a press conference. I’ll always remember that as the day Juno almost ate a fancy show cat on national television…..

If it’s possible to have a complicated relationship with a dog, that’s how I would have to describe working with Juno. She was brilliant and knew what she wanted all of the time, she just didn’t necessarily care what I wanted. Juno definitely made me a better trainer and taught me about splitting behaviors into the tiniest of slices and making sure I got it right the first time, because one rep was all I got. She also helped me understand what qualities are really important to me in my own dogs and that understanding has had a big impact in my PBGV breeding program. 

Juno’s favorite things to do were hunting with her PBGV friends and the life of leisure that she enjoyed in retirement. She will probably be the only Grand member of the Clever Hound pack, but we are so glad she was part of our lives.