Muse’s babies have grown up a lot since my last update.  They are spending their days in a large pen set up in my training room with a fun rotation of play and enrichment items.


In addition to the stuff pictured, they have also had a Fitpaws disc and a play tunnel, but there isn’t room to include every item every day.  The babies are doing great with their litter boxes and have had some short trips outside.  They have started to enjoy some solid food, which Muse appreciates since their “puppy fangs” are coming in.


Overall, this is a pretty active, confident litter.  They like to explore and don’t mind movement under their feet.  Personalities are starting to show, most are pretty social but a couple of them are a bit more independent.  Yesterday we starting playing with clicker training, although this is tricky since they don’t have useful teeth yet.  I’m using canned puppy food in a squeeze tube as the reward, so they can start getting the idea that food comes from the human.

At dinner time, the puppies move up to the kitchen to their smaller night time pen.  This gives them some exposure to different household noises and helps accustom them to being active during the day and calmer at night.  They are really fond of their cushy dog beds.