It’s hard to believe that Muse’s puppies will be 7 weeks tomorrow.  They are starting to act like real dogs now.  They are mostly eating on their own.  Muse visits them briefly to clean up any crumbs they leave behind, but she doesn’t find them so cute now that they have teeth.  Individual  personalities are becoming clear by now.  I have a pretty good idea as to which one will be joining our pack, but that will be a topic for another post.

This week the puppies started working on crate time.  At first I crated them in pairs, and now individually, for increasing amounts of time.  With this litter I tried using a Snuggle Puppy for the first time- a stuffed dog with a heartbeat and a warm center.  They do seem to settle in crates more quickly with this present than without.  A least two of them will be flying in Sherpa bags to their new homes, so they will need to be pretty good at settling in a crate by the time they leave.  IMG_3866

They also went for their first leash walk today.  They look really cute in their little harnesses!  We walked part way up the driveway, ate some Kong stuffing paste (a great treat for teething puppies) and walked back.


This week they will have their vet checks and formal temperament evaluations.  At that point, I’ll start deciding who is going where.  Here are stacked photos from today.  They are a little deceptive at this age because the cooperative puppies sometimes photograph better.

These are the girls:

IMG_1936 IMG_1955

And the boys.

IMG_1924 IMG_1910 IMG_1882 IMG_1861