Puppies Week 5

July 13, 2014

Written by:  Megan Esherick CPDT-KA

The boys have had a busy week. They have been going outside several times each day into a puppy pen with some enrichment items, like a metal grate, a sit-and-spin, and a cardboard box filled with empty water bottles. Each week we will switch out some of the items in the pen. The outside pen is next to the pen I use to exercise my angora bunnies. The first time I had a rabbit outside at the same time as the boys they showed a lot of interest- they don’t know why they are interested yet, but there was a lot of air scenting.

Outdoor time is usually right after meal time, so the pups are learning to do business outside. When they are inside, they are showing a strong preference for the litter box. This week they have progressed quickly from gruel to regular puppy food that has been well soaked (not much in the way of teeth yet). They are still nursing also, but they like the idea of solid food.

The puppies got a new big sister this week. Dave flew to Texas and picked up his new Aussie girl. Her name is Silk and she is a 10 week old blue Merle.





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  1. Pamela J. Hohrein

    Love the babies! Always have a soft spot for boys!


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