The boys are getting more active.  We keep changing out their play equipment to give them different experiences.  Last week they had the sit-and-spin toy outside, where they could play on it without having it move under their feet.  This week I moved it into the kitchen and they started running on and off it right away.  In the outside pen, they have a K9 Fitbone, which they play on a lot.  Yesterday we added the tippy board and it has already become part of their play routine.

This is a confident bunch of puppies, which is good because they had an experience that could have been traumatic this week.  During the storm on Sunday night a very large tree fell onto the house.  The fence was damaged, the deck destroyed, and we have minor damage to the house.  The tree landed on the open window just above the puppy pen, but the little guys weren’t phased at all.  The tree has been removed and the yard is usable, but things will be challenging until the deck can be replaced, since that is the dogs’ normal route to the yard.

The puppies are eating dry puppy food now but still visit the milk bar a few times a day.  They are doing well at using the litter box and are developing a preference for doing business outside.  This week they will start spending some time individually crated.

Here are some photos of this week’s adventures.

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