On Sunday evening, a few days earlier than expected, Muse delivered four healthy puppies.  Muse is a great mom and had an easy quick delivery- in fact she whelped the puppies just as easily at age six as she did when she had her first litter at two.  Her good condition and active lifestyle were likely a factor in this.

During the first week, Muse is doing most of the puppy care herself, although we are staying close by.  Today is day 3, so the puppies started their Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction.  Today’s scent was a rabbit fur tug toy.  Three of the puppies were neutral towards it, but one girl buried her nose into the fur and really took it in.  Her older half-sister Spice had a similar reaction on day 3 and is a great hunting and tracking dog now, so that was interesting to see.

The litter is sired by CH Old York’s Hollywood Walk of Fame HC x CH Clancy’s Poetic Inspiration CD TD BN RAE NAJ ACT1 CGCA THDM TKP.  They are clear by parentage of primary open angle glaucoma.