I know I’ve been really neglectful about posting puppy updates, but that’s mostly because I’ve been busy spending time with puppies.  Muse’s babies are 6 weeks old now, which is a very fun age.  They have teeth, so Muse is less enthusiastic about spending time with them but they have decided that food is a very good thing.  I have weaned them onto a raw diet, but am using kibble as a treat and hidden in puzzle toys, since I realize that most of them will eventually be fed kibble.  Today I gave them a harder puzzle, but they figured it out pretty fast.

Over the past week, the puppies have started spending some time outside on nice days, which have been few and far between.  They’ve been exposed to the sound of a clicker and of a whistle for a recall at feeding time, but real training will start over the next week or so.  This litter has been great about keeping their space clean and using their potty boxes almost all of the time when they are inside.

Plans for the coming week include starting crate training, followed by some leash training.  The puppies will have some early shaping sessions with the clicker and I plan to play with some early introduction to Scent Work odors.