I’m a bit late in reporting this, but last month we made the trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma with CC and Chili for the AKC Rally and Agility National Championships. Chili has qualified for agility nationals several times but we’ve only been able to attend one other. Since she is 11, I don’t know how many more chances we’ll have to get the required points so it seemed like a good year to attend.  Once I saw that Chili’s granddaughter CC had qualified for rally at RAE level, the decision to make the trip was easier. Besides, Tulsa is only halfway to Arizona so it hardly even seems like a long drive.

The girls did a great job and represented PBGVs well- they were the only ones competing in their sports. CC had what would have been qualifying scores on all four of her rally runs and Chili had fast agility runs with just one mistake all weekend. To her credit, the mistake happened because she was going too fast to make a turn tightly enough. Since I spend half of my life trying to gets the girls to run faster I can’t complain when mistakes happen because of speed. 

I know some people would say that it isn’t worth going to nationals if you can’t win. I knew without question when I decided to enter that there are lots of rally dogs more precise than CC, who was one of only 3 hounds competing in RAE, and that pretty much everyone in agility would be faster than Chili. It was still an amazing weekend showing off my awesome girls, so I’m glad we made the choice to go.