For the month of March, Do More with Your Dog is offering a fun new title- The Alphabet Challenge. This is a great chance to get creative and show off your dog’s diverse skills.  The object to to perform one trick or task for each letter of the alphabet- some letters are really easy, but then you get into Q,X, and Z which is where the creativity comes in.  Here are some ideas:

A is for A-frame, anise search

B is for bar jump, barrel racing, balance ball, bark

C is for cover your eyes, crawl, come, container search

D is for down, directed jumping, directional casting, distance cues

E is for easy button, exterior search

F is for fetch, frisbee, front, finish

G is for go out, go to place, get it, get in

H is for heel, hoop, head down

I is for in the box, interior search

J is for jump- jump rope, jump for joy, jump wrap

K is for kisses, chorus line kicks, Klimb

L is for leash walk, get your leash, load up

M is for muffin tin game, go to mark

N is for nosework, naptime, neck stretches

O is for open a door, obstacle course

P is platform jump, play the piano, paws up

Q is a tough one- how about doing something quickly or quietly?  Or post a qualifying run from your favorite dog sport.

R is for restrained recall, roll a carpet

S is for shell game, scent work, sit

T is for tunnel, touch, tire, table, teeter

U is for up, under

V is for very- do something very well or very fast

W is for which hand, walk on a balance beam, weave poles

X is another tough one- how about X marks the spot as a send to target

Y is for yawn

Z is for Zig Zag- sounds like another word for weave poles to me

These are just some ideas- the goal is to get a little creative. Some tutorials are available in my free Facebook tricks class.

As a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, I am happy to witness your videos for this title.  You can post them in the group linked above or send them by email.  Happy training!