No, not the kind where you do a bunch of sportsy things on the same day- that sounds awful! I mean a canine triathlon event, which is offered by many breeds at national specialty shows. These events, which are called different things in different breeds, celebrate versatility by honoring dogs who enter multiple areas of competition during specialty week. Some are very specific in their requirements, while others are a bit looser and are mainly about encouraging people to give different sports a try.

I’ve qualified in triathlon with multiple dogs at the PBGV national since this competition was first offered in 2016 and have also helped Dave with Most Versatile Aussie competition at several specialties. These events are similar in concept but have very different requirements. Over the years, I have found that the key to success in this type of event is a combination of training, strategy, and time management. On June 4 at 7 pm eastern, I will be presenting a Webinar on Preparing for Triathlon Events, where I will discuss all of these topics and more. This presentation is just $20 and will include a recording of the webinar. Email for more information or to register.