We breed very infrequently, approximately every 18-24 months. It is our practice not to maintain a formal waiting list in between litters but we are happy to keep applications on file. Our puppy application is available here.

Because we breed with performance in mind, our ideal puppy buyer is someone who is looking for an athletic PBGV with an excellent nose. Preference will be given to prospective buyers who plan to compete in dog sports or work with their dog in another capacity, such as pet therapy or search and rescue.

In most cases a fenced yard is required. Fencing systems that use electric shock (i.e Invisible Fences) are not appropriate and we will not sell puppies to homes where this type of system is in use.

We are planning a fall breeding and may have puppies available in early winter. 

In between litters we are happy to answer PBGV related questions by email, which can be sent to ClancyPBGV@gmail.com.